DeJa Vu– ($80.00) Allow Déjà Vu to take you to a familiar place that you’ve been to before. DéJà VU plays on your minds sensors while producing Kloudz of smoke. Its easy to assemble/disassemble and compact size makes it travel friendly. The LED lights set the mood that brings you back again and again! Package Contents: Acrylic base Leather wrapped silk hookah hose Tongs with a poker Glass ash tray Silicone shisha bowl Stem with diffuser 1 LED light with remote control(Batteries not included)

Package Contents: Square
acrylic base, silicone hose,
shisha holder, tongs, and LED
lights with a remote control and heat management
(AAA batteries not included).

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Oasis – ($75.00) Experience
being in a daze with this
lightweight acrylic hookah.
Package Contents: Circular
acrylic base, silicone hose,
shisha holder, tongs, and LED
lights with a remote control
(Batteries and Heat management not included)


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Kloud 9

Modern travel-size cube hookah from anodized aluminum. Features patent-pending 4-corner invisible purge. All parts of hookah fit inside the acrylic base for easy transportation. Included in the package: silicone hose with 3-piece handle, down stem, portable bag, acrylic tank, bowl grommet and diffuser, shisha bowl and a carrying bag. LED light base and Heat Manager are not included.

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Up N Smoke

Up In Smoke- ($120.00)

Low profile design with big open. Easy to get creative by adding different fruits and ice. A unique replica of a propane tank. Package Contents: Glass tank, silicone hose, glass shisha holder. (Heat management holder sold separately)

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NXhale- ($125.00) Our hourglass bombshell- product is an all glass hookah that is sleek and sexy. Package Contents: Glass base, LED lights with a remote control (batteries not included), a silicone hose, glass shisha holder, and glass coal holder.

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